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Paul Revere

Paul Revere starts riding for the Patriot cause. He made many trips to New York and Philadelphia.

Paul Revere's parents sent him to "infant school" when he was very young. When he got older at the age of 7 he started attending Boston's North Writing School. At the age of 13 Paul stoped going to school and became a silversmith's apprentice.


1734Paul Revere is born.






Paul Revere married Sara Orne. They had 8 children.


The Boston Tea PartyPaul Revere and many other patriots desguised themselves as Indians and went to Boston Harbor. They dumped crates of tea into the water as a protest against taxes

On the night of April 18, 1775 Paul was sent a message telling him to go to Lexington and along the way to warn people about the British attack. He told his friend to go to Old North Church and hang one lanter if the British were coming by land and two if by sea.Paul rowed quietly across the water to get to Charlestown. There he was given a horse and started his ride. Everything was going well until Paul saw two British officers. Paul quickly turned around and rode away to Lexington. He was then joined by Dr. Prescott and William Dawes. British officers saw them and rode after them. Daws escaped into a barn and Paul Revere was captured. Dr. Prescott made it to Concord. The officers took Paul's horse and he was set free.

1776 - 1817

After the war Paul still kept himself busy. He sold hardware, opened a foundry, was the political leader of Boston's craftsmen,made churchbells, started a copper mill, and retired to Canton Dale. Everything was peaceful until the War of 1812. Paul was not really involved in this war unlike the Revolutionary War. Paul's second wife Rachel Walker died in 1813.


Paul Revere dies.


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