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paul revere

Paul Revere was born Wednsday january 1, 1735 in boston Massachutes. He died om Sundaymay 10,1818. he was burried in his home townboston Massachutes. Hia mothers name wasDeborah revere, and his fathers name was Apollos Rivoire. He had six sibblings. There names were elizebeth Revere, Mary revere, Francis Revere, Debora Revere, John Revere, and Thomas Revere. Paul had two wives. The first one was names Sarah orne. He had eight children with her, and their names were debora Revere, Paul Revere jr., Sarah Revere, mary Revere, marian Revere, Elizebeth Revere, and Isannah Revere. After his last child was born his wife Sarah died. so he remarried a woman named Rachel Revere. He also had eight children with her, and their names were Joshua Revere, John Revere, joseph Revere, Lucy Revere, Harriel Revere, john jr. revere, Maria Revere, and Jonh the third revere.


1754 -French and Indian war. 1765- StampAct1766 - Stamp Act repeled1767 - The Townshend act1770 - Boston massuracure1773 - Boston tea party1774 - First contental congress

Dear Sarah, I dont know if you could be reading this right now since you are not here anymore, but i wrote this letter to you. I just want you to know how much I love you and miss you. i want you back here so badly. I am watching the kids and taking very good care of them, but i couldnt do it without sarah. And i just want you to know that the only reason i married her was so that she could help me out with that kids. Her kids, and our kids get along very well. i miss you so much. love, Paul


This is a medal that paul revere has earned. He has earned it because of his time and effert of willing to risk anything including his life just to show every body that they should be treated fairly. To show them that all men were created equally.







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