[2015] Owen Riddle: PAUL REVERE

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[2015] Owen Riddle: PAUL REVERE

Paul Revere

Paul Revere was a trusted messenger, and famous for his “Midnight Ride”. On April 18, 1775 Revere got word that the British were coming from the chairman of the Committee of Safety. Revere took a horse from Charleston, and went off to Lexington, to protest against parliamentary taxation without representation. Paul Revere is an iconic character in American history.

Paul Revere was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 1, 1735. He was the third of twelve children. His father was a French immigrant and his mother was a Boston native. Paul’s birth name was Apollos, but he changed it to the more american sounding name Paul. At 13 Paul was an apprenticed silversmith to John Coney. When Paul grows up he will take part in historic events like “The Midnight Ride”, and “The Boston Tea Party”.

Paul Revere had two wives and 16 kids in his lifetime. His first wife Sarah Orne lived from 1757-1773, and his second wife Rachael Walker lived from 1773-1813. Revere was a Colonial Militia Officer or a “Minuteman” for the Patriots. They were called Minutemen because they were well trained and able to act on a minutes notice. Paul Revere died on May 10, 1818 in Boston, Massachusetts.


The Ride

Early Life

Did you know that Paul Revere had 51 grandchildren?


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