[2015] frank wehrstein: Paul Revere

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[2015] frank wehrstein: Paul Revere

Paul Revere was born on January 1, 1735 in Boston, Massachusetts He died on May 10, 1818 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was a patriot during the American Revolution. He rode horseback from Boston to Lexington and Concord to warn the people that the British were coming. By doing this he saved many peoples lives because they had time to prepare for the battle. After the war he became a silversmith again and opened a hardware store and a saw mill.


1735 - On January 1st Paul Revere was born.1760 - Revere joined the Sons of Liberty1773 - Boston Tea Party occured.1775 - He went on his midnight ride 1783 - The Revolutionary War ended.1788 - Opened a saw mill and a hardware store where bells were manufactured.1818 - Paul Revere died.

He warned all of the Patriots that the British were coming and saved them from all beinf slaughtered. He rode from Boston across the Charles River on horseback to warn the people at Lexington and Concord of the British.He was also a part of the Boston Tea Party.He was a very successful business man. He opened a saw mill and he also opened a hardware store that provided over 900 bells to the military and also to a chapel in Boston.He was a soldier in the American Revolution.

He told the Patriots that the Loyalists were coming. This gave the Patriots an opportunity to get ready to fight the British. Without Revere the Loyalists might have killed all of the Patriots and America wouldnt be here today.




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Paul Revere


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