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Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

By: Paul Doswell

Paul McCartney was a member of the world famous band The Beatles.

Paul Mccartney began his musicial carreer wiritng songs with John Lennon. They are regarded as the most influential writing partnership in popular music. Their group, the Beatles, is seen as the most successful band of all time. "Yesterday," Paul's best-known song, is the most recorded song in history. By the end of the twentieth century , it had been played on U.S. radio more than seven million times.

Despite his wealth, Paul has tried to lead as ordinary a life as possible. When he was a Beatle , Paul's face was so well known that he was mobbed whenever he appeared in public. To avoid the attention of his fans, he occasionally went out with a false moustache and glasses.

Paul was born at Walton Hospital, Liverpool, on June 18th, 1942. He was the first child of Jim and Mary McCartney.

Now McCartney has 5 children. Stella (42), James (36), Heather (51), Beatrice (11), and Mary (44).

Although John Lennon had told the other Beatles he wanted to leave the group, it was Paul who eventually made the split public. He announced in April 1970 that the Beatles would never work together again.


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