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Paul K. Chappell

Paul K. Chappel

While on active duty, Chappell wrote two books. Chappell´s books offer compelling insights on how we might end war. This was all based on personal experience.

Chappell believes that peace activists should be highly trained in the art of waging peace, just as soldiers are highly trained for war. He offers "peace leadership training" that educates and empowers students and people of all ages to create positive change, and he believes – like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and James Lawson.

Chappell graduated from West Point in 2002 and served as a captain in Iraq.After leaving active duty in November 2009, he began serving as the Peace Leadership Director for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA. He speaks throughout the country to colleges, high schools, veterans groups, churches, and activist organizations.

Paul K. Chappell is the son of a Korean mother and a half African American and half Caucasian father whose thirty years of military service included combat duty in Korea and Vietnam

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.-Ghandi


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