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Paul Guaguin

Life 1848 Born in Paris on June 7th1851 Family immigrates to Peru. Father dies.1865 Joins the merchant navy1872 Begins successful career as a stockbroker in Paris1873 Marries Mette Sophie Gad1874 Meets Pissarro1880-82 Exhibits with the Impressionists1885 Leaves his family in Copenhagen with Mette’s parents to return to Paris1886 Travels to Pont Aven in Brittany1891 Leaves for Tahiti1901 Moves from Tahiti to the island of Hiva Oa in the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia1903 Dies on May 8th

StylePaul was living in Brittany in northwestern France, where he hoped tobreak away from the impressionist style.He uses heavy black outlines and areas of flat color to show his inner thoughts and feelings

InspirationGauguin found inspiration everywhere in Tahiti- in the brightly colored plants, the beautiful blue sea, and mostly the native people. He painted many portraits of the people he met on the island.

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Paul Gauguin 1848-1903

InfluenceThe Impressionist painters influenced Gauguin. They used color to create an ''impression'' rather than a realistic picture. They used small visible brush strokes and dabs of complementary colors like blue and orange to make each other seem brighter.


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