Paul Bunyan

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Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan

Paul's mom had to brush his beard with a pine tree when he was a baby.Lumberjacks covered their feet in butter and went skiing on the flapjack pan. Paul made the Grand Canyon while dragging his axe in the ground.

Babe was Paul's best friend.Paul found Babe in a blue blizzard.Babe wrestled with Paul whenever she could. Babe was as fast as a train and went with Paul everywhere.

Paul was as strong as a train.He was about one hundred feet tall.Paul could cut down a tree in one swing of his axe.

Paul's CrazyAbilities and Facts


When Paul was a baby the whole town wanted him gone, because he was too big, so his parents abandoned him in a cave in Maine. He grew up to be super strong and the best lumberjack in the world. He found a giant blue ox, during a blizzard, and he named her Babe. Paul and Babe became best friends. He hired thousands of lumberjacks to help him. Paul and Babe were challenged by a man with an electric saw that cut down all the trees as fast as Paul. The man also had a train that was as fast as Babe. The man beat Paul by a quarter inch of wood so Paul stopped lumberjacking.


Babe the Blue Ox

If Paul Bunyan was alive today, he would be a olympic weightlifter


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