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Hello I am Pau and I am 11 years old. My happybirday is the 4 of August. We are 5 in the family, mum Nerea, dad Mikel, brother Ander, sister Malen and me. We live in Donostia (Basque country) and I live in a flat in Aiete.

I love sports and my favourite sport is basketball but I like more sports like, surfing, skiing, football, ping pong (table tennis),... I play in a basketball team, Easo SBT, and I train 3 days per week.

My favourite food are macaronis, pizza, squid in their ink and more things. But also there is food that I don't like, spicy pork sausage, spread (pate),...

I love pets and farm animals but my favourite animal is the dog, and I want one when I grow up. Now I don’t have any dog because my parents don’t let me. I like more animals like horse, sheep, pony, cats,...

I like Music, sometimes quiet (calm or slow music) and sometimes funny Music.Also I like going to the mountain and traveling, I have gone to France, Turkey, Italy,...

I go to Axular Lizeoa school, it takes me only 25 minutes walking. My favourite subjects are, science and PE (physical education).

I love computer games like Minecraft, Scratch, Agario and more games. But also tablet games like Clash of Clans, car games,...

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