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Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol is a Spanish NBA basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. He was born on July 6th 1980 in Barcelona, Spain.Gasol was born into a sport-oriented family. Both his parents played a sport and grew up to be very successful doctors in the medical field. He started out watching the Dream Team play and always dreamt of being a famous player. Gasol attended the University of Barcelona to become a doctor like his parents, bu with a height of 7'0" Gasol moved on to become a famous NBA player in America.

Pau Gasol is obviously known for his outstanding talent on the basketball court. Gasol was drafted on to his first NBA team during 2001. He became the first European to win "Rookie of the Year". Gasol has even played in the 2008 Olympics on the Spain team. CRAZY enough Gasol averages 19.29 million dollars a YEAR!


Basic Info.

Pau Gasol

Our reasoning for choosing Pau Gasol is primarily, because he is an NBA player. And while authors and poets do interest us, choosing someone who is a professional athlete is more our “style". If you were to compare him to someone like Ryan or Sierra (us) he would look like a complete GIANT. Ryan only stands 6’ft while Pau Gasol is a legit one foot taller than him. Also, Ryan usually has about 10 dollars in his pocket while Pau Gasol makes 19.29 million a year! 10 dollars to him would be equivalent to .25 cents to us. If even… One thing Gasol and Ryan do have in common is their ability to make awful faces while playing basketball.

Why we chose him:

- Pau first sport was rugby then started playing basketball.- He was never in to playing football or soccer as a kid.-Enjoys BBQ Pizza and In n' Out burgers. -He is a 2 time NBA All-Star. -Gasol is considered one of the Top 10 Lakers of All Time, next to Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, and Shaquille O'Neal. - Gasol can speak three languages; Spanish, English, and Catalan.-Pau sponsored a kids program in Memphis called “Pau’s Amigos.”-Pau released his Spanish-language autobiography—Gasol by Gasol in 2005.

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Click Here to watch Pau Gasol's buzzer beater to win the game for his team.


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