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Earth Sciences

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Science is about explaining observed PATTERNS!

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What do PATTERNS have to do with science?

PATTERNS can also be observed and found through data such as the graph below comparing the predator and prey populations.

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is a PATTERN itself. DNA is made up of 4 different subunits called nucleotides. These nucleotides bond in order to create a pattern, forming the DNA that is unique to each species!

One PATTERN that we see in science everyday is the changing of the phases of the Moon. The Moon is constantly orbiting Earth, as Earth Orbits the Sun. This constant motion changes the amount of the lighted side of the Moon that we see each night from Earth. It takes the cycle about 29 days to begin again with the New Moon.

The seasons that we experience each year is a perfect example of PATTERN in science!

When engineering software for scientific, or any other use, PATTERNS are used to create the codes that make up the software.

The Water Cycle is a PATTERN easily found in nature that occurs almost all of the time!

Learn how to make your own Moon phases Transporter!Click on the Moon!


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