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Life Science

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Life Science seasons of the year continually change and represent patterns. -They conenct with Earth and Space Science, by the Earth's rotation causing the seasons to change.-They connect with Science and Engineering, because engineers can observe the patterns of the seasons to predict expected temperature.-The seasons connect with Physical science, by causing weathering from to land from changing temperature cycles.

Earth and Space Science phases of the moon follow a continual pattern each month. -They connect with Life Science, by effecting the tides of the tides of the ocean, which effects the lifestyles of ocean life.-They connect with Science and Engineering, by engineers observing the patterns of the moon and predicting effects on the ocean. -They connect with Physical Science by causing changes in the tides in the ocean.

Engineering and Technology use technology to observe clasify patterns in order to make improvements and changes to things like car safety. -It connects to life science, by decreasing the amount of accidents to humans in car crashes.-It connects to Earth and Space Science, by engineers taking the technology gathered from things such as motion, friction, and gravity to find safety features.-It connects to Physical Science, by engineers considering the type of physical environment involved in crashes when designing the technology.

Physical Science states of matter follow a pattern as they change from one state to the next when effected by temperature increase or decrease. -They connect to Life Science, by the ponds fish swim in will freeze over if it gets to cold out.-They connect to Earth and Space Science, by the position of the sun can make it hotter or colder which can make solids melt or freeze.-It connects to Science and Engineering, because engineers can alter temperatures to work with a substance at a temperature where it is easiest to manage.

Hands On - Minds On lesson is lower level and gets students engaged with classifiying patterns in different objects by using household objects like nuts and bolts.

Patternsa repeated design


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