Pattern Poems

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Pattern Poems

Pattern Poems

Bio-PoemThis is a short biography telling about someone's life.

Structure:Line 1 (first name only)Line 2 (four character traits)Line 3 (state your relationship) to . . .Line 4 Cares deeply about . . .Line 5 Who feels . . .Line 6 Who needs . . .Line 7 Who gives . . .Line 8 Who fears . . .Line 9 Who would like to see . . .Line 10 Resident of . . .Example of a biopoem

A quatrain is a 4 line poem that may follow one of four different rhyme patterns (AABB, ABAB, ABBA or ABCB).When quatrains are combined they make a long poem and each quatrain is called a stanza. Stanzas are the paragraphs of poetry. Quatrains are used in ballads to tell a story.


ABABOn one dark and wintry dayWhen it was very coldDown flew a screaming jaySquawking in a voice so bold

ABCB The rushing ocean wavesBeart harshly on the sandThey roar and crash and foamAs they break upon the land

Each letter of a person's name (first name or first and last names) is used as the initial letter for each line of the poem. This type of poem does not need to rhyme.

For example: udy is a teenage girl sually in a social swirl rives her mother up the wall acking on her tenth phone call





An unrhymed Japanese poem of 3 lines containing certain syllables. It is centered on the page.Line 1 5 syllablesLine 2 7 syllablesLine 3 5 syllablesFor example:


Name / Acrostic Poem

Loud, crashing thunderAnd then the rain pouring downThe rainbow appears

A simple funny 2 lined poem that rhymes. For example:The teacher called the students in,Then wished she could escape the din.My son, Johnathan, came running outTo see what the noise was all about.

Diamante PoemsA poem using opposites. These are always centered to form a diamond shape.

Line 1 One noun (subject #1) Line 2 2 adjectives (describing subject #1 Line 3 3 action words (end in -ing) about subject #1 Line 4 4 nouns (first 2 relate to subject #1') (the second two relate to subject #2) Line 5 3 action words about subject #2Line 6 2 adjectives (describing subject #2)Line 7 One noun (subject #2 which is the opposite of subject #1)



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