Patriots vs. Tories

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Patriots vs. Tories

Dress The Patriot and Tories both wore an ditto suit. A ditto suit is an early precursor of a lounge suit but often had a coat more akin to a frock coat or morning coat. The waistcoat and pants were matching which made the suit more informal than those with silk faced lapels worn with formal striped pants.

Beliefs Tories and the Patriots believe that the taxes that they get from the king were unfair. They thought they should not pay so much for goods and thought they were treated unfairly and they both were devoted to their beliefs. Although the Tories also beliefs were that since colonies were separated from one another so they aren't able of governing themselves.

Patriots vs.Tories

LifestylesThe lifestyle of the Patriots and the Tories was similar and different. For instance, They both went to church on Sunday mornings and they were very strict about going. The Tory's children had to go to school. Therefore, the Tory's children received a good education. The Patriots didn't want to pay taxes to the king. However, the Loyalist were loyal to the king so they paid their taxes.

WeaponsThe Patriots and the ToriesThe musket was the primary weapon for thousands of British and Army soldiers. Revolutionary War muskets were commonly equipped with bayonets.They also used cannons. The cannon was a highly effective weapon and was key to the American victory. The cannon took 14 soldiers to operate. A cannon could fire about for hundreds of yards and hit dozens of enemy soldiers in a single shot. In addition, Flintlock pistols were used primarily as a secondary weapon by soldiers. Lastly, swords and sabres were used mostly by officers Today, antique swords are among the most popular American Revolution weapons with collectors.



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