Patriots Unite and Fight

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Patriots Unite and Fight

Tea Act of 1773The Sons of Liberty came together to write a boycott to make the British Parliament remove all of the Townshend Acts but the tax on tea. Because the East India Company is becoming very poor it is selling tea at lower prices so we colonists help them. But we are not that stupid, we know what the British are up to. Therefore we formed Committees of Correspondence who send letters throughout the colonies, it is now our best way to comunicate. We all wanted the Tea Act gone so we did something about it, we destroyed the England Tea. All together we could overthrow the British and have our freedom. Will you join or will you die"

The Townshend Acts of 1767The British were allowed to sleep in our homes, it was outrageous! At first we didn't let the soldiers in our homes and guess what the British Parliament did, they passed out a new rule saying that if we will not house the soldiers they would tax the goods that are sent to us from Britain! This is downright unjust, taxing us when we don't get a say in their Parliament. Plus the British made the Writs of Assistance who made sure that no goods were smuggled or hidden in our homes. Which meant unless we wanted a redcoat in our home we would have to pay the taxes.

Patriots Unite and Fight!

Are You Ready To Stand Up To Britain" Let Us Gain Our Victory!

Boston Tea Party - December 1773The Tea Act was upon us! Our people were tired of Britain taxing us. They had other taxes before but this time we decided to take action. Therefore together some of the colonists boarded three ships at night and destroyed about one million dollars worth of tea. Then they dumped all of the tea in the Boston Harbor. Britain then decided to make the Intolerable Acts to take revenge but we colonists will not let Britain have our freedom. We will fight! Working together worked once, let us join all of the colonies and unite. Together we will get our freedom from Britain!

The Intolerable Acts of 1774Of course after all the damage we did at the Boston Tea Party Britain had to have revenge so to punish us they passed out the Intolerable Acts. With these acts they closed Boston Harbor until colonists paid for tea, allowed the British officials accused of crimes could stand trial in Britainchose that almost all positions in the MA colonial government had to be appointed by the governor or kingand banned the Committees of Correspondence. Do you people want that to happen to us again" No! Therefore we have to stand up and give the British Parliament a piece of our mind.


The Bloody Massacre of March 5th 1770Those British! They fired their muskets and killed our loved ones like angry dogs. Those lobster packs got away with it, everyone can read the Bible! Shame on Captain Preston, he ordered the soldiers to fire. He should be murdered! The soldiers were all standing in a line, pointing their muskets at our unarmed citizens when Captain Preston yelled to fire. The soldiers fired and brutely murdered almost twenty of our poor, unarmed people. We cannot just stand here and watch our people suffer we have to take action!

Look at all the sufferings Britain made us go through


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