Patriots of the American Revolution

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Patriots of the American Revolution

The Patriots of the American Revolution

What did they do?The Patriots did one of the most important things in America's history. In 1779 they won the battle at Kettle Creek defeating the Loyalists and helping to make America the way it is today.

Who were they?The Patriots were a lange group of people. There were 340 Partiots compared to 700+ Loyalists. The Patriots and the Loyalists were like Evinrude and Mercury outboard motors. The Pats were led by Colonel Andrew Pickens, Colonel John Dooly, and Lieutenant Elijah Clark.

Why did the Patiots do this?The British had fought the French and Indian war and were left in a huge debt. They thought that putting a tax on some things would help with the debt. The Patriots found loophole around the taxes so Britain started putting taxes on more and more things. The Patriots started to feel like Britain was being unfair and they wanted to become their own nation. This is what caused the Revolutionary War and made America the way it is today.

Where?As you should know already the Patriots defeated the Lotalists at Kettle Creek, but where else did they go? The Patriots traveled all over the Northeast. They ended up losing a battle in Quebec City, but that was after they won many other battles in both the America and Canada.

When did they change America?The American Revolution began in 1775 so the Patriots were probably established shortly after that. The Patriots won the battle at Kettle Creek in 1779


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