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Patricia Polacco

-Met her best friend when she was about 10 years old and they are still best friends. - She has dyslexia.-Didn't start writing books until she was 41 years old, but always has been an artist!

Fun Facts!

-Always has been good at art-Ukrainian influences in her art and books-Uses pental acetone markers, oil pastals, acrylic paint in her books-Her studio is at an old Victorian house about a block away from her home.

More about her art

-Written about 55 children's books-Many of her books tell her personal stories-Thank You, Mr. Falker is about Patricia's struggle with dyslexia-Chicken Sunday is about her friends and their adventures.-The Keeping Quilt is a real quilt made by her family.

More about her books

She grew up mostly in Michigan and Oakland, CA.Her favorite place to live is Union City, Michigan.

Where is she from?

Author and Illustrator

Patricia Polacco

By Elora Nielsen


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