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Patricia Polacco

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A video with the actual Keeping Quilt

Book ListThe Keeping QuiltThe Junk Yard WondersThe Lemonade ClubBun Bun ButtonPink and DayBetty DollEmma KateThank You, Mr. FalkerChicken SundayBabushka's DollFor a full list of her books visit her publisher's website here

About the Author• She was born in 1944 in Michigan• She didn't start writing books until she was 41• She has two children, Steven and Traci• She has dyslexia and did not learn to read until she was almost 14• She wrote an autobiography titled Firetalking• She has written and illustrated more than 90 books• Her first picture book was Meteor! It is a story inspired by the meteor that landed in her family’s yard• She majored in fine arts and eventually got her Ph.D. in art history

Contact Information118 Berry StreetUnion City, MI

Fun Facts• One of her favorite books is The Tall Mother Goose by Fedor Rojankovsky• She has two cats, Miss Chief and Little Gray Thing• She lives on Meteor Ridge Farm, named so because a meteor landed there and is now the headstone in her family's cemetery• She bought a house a block away from her home to use as a studio• She wrote her book A Special Christmas for her son when he was diagnosed with diabetes • She also wrote a book for her children as a gift for Christmas that has remained unpublished• She is active in the campaign to stop bullying

Patricia PolaccoStoryteller Turned Author

Press play here to listen to Patricia Polacco talk about her name and why it is so cool!

Online ResourcesHere they have great ideas for lessons using Patricia Polacco's books and even an author study ideaHere they have interesting videos and other information on the author and her books

This video shows what a great artist Patricia Polacco is


Check out some of her books here


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