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Patience Wright

Patience Wright was the first American artist and revolutionary spy. She made sculptures and paintings. Her sculptures were made out of wax, and she mainly did life sized hands and heads. Not only was she an outstanding artist, she also wrote poetry. She was later a widow with five children. Her wax sculpture of her friend William Pitt still stands in Westminster Abbey Museum. That is the only sculpture of hers that still remains today. Her house in Bordentown, NJ is also still standing, and several of her portrait paintings are still available, as well. She was buried in London in a site which has been lost to history. But she wasn't just an artist! She was a revolutionary spy, too!


Date of birth: 1725Date of death: March 23, 1786Place of birth: Bordentown, NJPlace of death: London, EnglandAge at death: 61Who she married: Joseph Wright

Patience Wright was a revolutionary spy. During the Revolutionary War, she opened her London home to American prisoners of war and corresponded frequently with Benjamin Franklin. Many believe that she hid secret messages inside of the wax sculptures that she sent to her sister, who ran a wax museum in Philadelphia.


~ Patience ~~ Wright ~


1725 - 1786

She has had many books written about her!

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