Pathway through Kidney

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Human Anatomy

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Pathway through Kidney

Excretory System

1. Blood enters renal arteries

2. Glomerulus, pertibular capillaries, & Bowman's Capsule filters the blood

3. Filtered blood goes to the proximal convoluted tube, Loop of Henle, and distal concoluted tube

4. Collecting duct receives blood and sends it to the renal pelvis

5. Renal pelvis collects the waste, now urine, using cup-like calyces

6. Ureters receive the urine in order to transport it to the bladder

8. Urine leavesthe body throughthe urethra

7. Bladder acts as a storage unit until the urine can be released

Cortex: outer portion of the kidneyMedulla: innermost part of the kidney, contains medullary pyramids that transport urine

Words to Know

And that's the excretory system!

Pathway through the kidneys


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