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Social Studies

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Famous PlacesYou can visit Penisula the Valdez. It is a place where you can see whales.They usually come in November. Another ineresting place to visit is "Chalet of Pujol", which is a natural science museum. And last but not least, Punta Tombo, where you can see pinguins in their own habitats.

Famous PlacesSan Carlos the Bariloche is the most visited place in Patagonia.The most important places to visit here are: Lago Nahuel Huapi, a big lake. Hotel Llao Llao, a famous hotel in whcih only rich people can stay. Cerro Tronador, a big mountain where you can do winter sports. Cerro Catedral a mountain were you can go skiing and snowboarding.


HistoryThe Patagonia was inhabited by two groups of aborigenes: The Tehuelches and the Mapuches.The word Tehuelche is of Mapuche origin and means "Brave people".The Mapuches , "people of the earth", is a group which entered our Patagonian territory attracted, in principle, by the fauna of the region and then, by cattle and horses, which roamed wild in the territory of Southern Argentina.

Food In Patagonia,there are many kinds of dishes, the most popular is "trucha",which is a kind of fish. You can also eat wild boar and deer.

WeatherThe weather in patagonia is very cold in winter and warm in summer.It snows a lot in winter.



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