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Pat Boone's real name is Charles Eugene Boone. He was born June 1st, 1934 in Jacksonville, Florida. He recorded for Republic Records in 1954 and was mostly doing covers of R&B music but more clean for white teens and parents. His versions of these "wild" and "inappropriate" songs made him appealing to most conservative people of that time. Over the span of his career he has sold over 45 million albums and had 38 Top 40 songs. He is now almost 80 years old.

Musical concepts

1950- Pres. Truman approves hydrogen bomb1953 - Dwight D Eisenhower becomes president1954 - Segregration is ruled unconstitutional1955 - Rosa Parks refuses to move seats1956 - Federal Highway Act is signed

Boone was best known for his covers of R&B and Rock and Roll songs. He made those covers original and more appealing to teens and parents with his soothing voice and clean look. He then sang ballads and that also got him a lot of recognition with "Love Letters in the Sand". He was mostly a Rock and Roll singer even though some people thought he wasn't. His music has the mix of R&B, Jazz, Blues that make it Rock and Roll.

Popular songs

Love Letters in the SandApril LoveWhy Baby WhyMoody River

Influencial Ppl

Bing Crosby was one of the most influencial people in Boones life. Crosby was like an idol to Boone.

Pat Boone


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