Pastry Chef

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Pastry Chef


- in charge of pastries, desserts, bread, ordering pastry supplies, managing budget- managing junior kitchen staff and supervise apprententices- decoration and plating-keeping kitchen organized

Skills:-nutrition-government health and sanitation regulations-operating and maintaining machinery-production processes

- 2-3 year apprenticeships -> 12 formal courses in culinary subjects -> results in professioal credentials or associae's degreesOR- 2 year degree program

Educational Requirements

Job Description

-get degree from patry chef school-Complete an apprenticeship under a master pastry chef-Build a professional reputation in an entry-level pastry chef job-promoted to head pastry chef supervising kitchen+staff-mentor next gen

Work Environment:-lots of freedom to make whatever dishes you want-avg. of 10 hrs per day-avg. of 55 hrs per week-can be stressful to meet deadlines-work late nights/early mornings

Career Path

Characteristics:-creativity + artistic ability-attention to detail-good stamina (mental and physical)-good w/people if you provde for businesses or sell your products to people out of a shop

General Salary: $60,000

Job Outlook-job always in demand-only 6% growth though-most common route entry level is through comercial production, grocers, and restaurants


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