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The Passover begins on the 14th of April and ends on the 22nd of April. In the passover, children have an important part to play.The youngest child asks four questions which starts a whole night of answering those questions and many others. The father usually tells the Exodus story over dinner. At the Passover meal there is always lamb. This lamb has been sacrificed.They eat this because they were told by Moses that if they did not want their first born child to die they had to put the blood of a lamb on their door.

The Exodus Story and Why it is Important in the Passover.

The Israelites were being mistreated so Moses spoke to God. Moses was told to warn the Egyptians that if they did not let the Israelites go they would suffer. There was 10 plagues. The last plague was that all of the first born children would die, exept the people who put lambs blood on the door of their houses. When Farrows son died, Farrow became so upset that he let all the Israelites go.

Who Attends


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The Passover


By Saffron Sangha Spirason

Passover Video

Food For the Passover meal Jewish people eat special flat bread called matzoh that has not risen. In the Exodus story the Israelites did not have time for the bread to rise. They have lamb, eggs, parsley, lettuce and mixes of different vegetables.

The passover only happens once a year like christmas so somtimes jewish people have gests. You do not have to be jewish to take part in the passover meal. Some Jewish people have special guests.


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