[2015] Luke Whalan: Passover

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[2015] Luke Whalan: Passover

The Passover is a festival on the 14th day of Abib which is now named Nisan.The passover festival is retelling how the Israelites escaped from Egypt. The Israelites celebrate this event to this day the Seder meal is also eaten during this time period.


The Passover is about remembering and retelling the story of the Isrealites fleeing the wrath of the Egyptians. The story comes in its own book called the Haggadah which in Hebrew literally means retelling.

During this time the Israelites were told to collect a lamb and cook it over a fire with intestines and vital organs still inside and if they did not finish eating it they had to burn the rest off the lamb. They also had to put blood on their doorframes and do not exit that doorframes for whatever period God asked.




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