Passive voice

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Passive voice

The important thing in passive is not the person who does the action, but the person/object that receives the action

Remember in passive the person/object receives the action

Passive voice vs Active voice

Do you remember the sentences in the previous exercise?Both sentences have the same meaning, but they are different.Let's see...the sentences "We admit patients in the hospital everyday" is called Active voice. This sentence is in simple present.The sentence "Patients are admitted in the hospital everyday" is called Passive voice, and it is simple present too.

In this unit we'll study about passive voice

Don't forget...Add the verb to be (is/are/am) in the present passive voice sentence.Example: The athlete's foot is treated with ointments.The main verb is in past participle.Example: The wards are desinfected twice daily.The report is written by the nurse.

If you want to mention the "doer" or the person who does the action, you can add "by" + the person:Example:The infected area is healed by the nurse.

Remember, the charcateristics of the passive voice sentences:They have the verb to be (is, are, am, etc.) They have the main verb in past participle (bought, lost, written, etc.)Usually the do not mention the -person- who does the action.They are used in processes or steps.


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