Passing (Basketball)

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Passing (Basketball)

Fundamentals for Passing

Basketball Skill(Passing)

Passing maybe the most underated skill in the game of basketball. Basketball passing is the essence of team play. When done correctly the game becomes beautiful and more enjoyable for fans. Last year in the NBA finals, Lebron James, the league's MVP and the Miami Heat, were defeated by the San Antonio Spurs; an organization that describes team play at the highest and displays passing at it's best.

Passing has many different levels ranging from beginner to professional. Focusing on the fundamentals can help aspiring players to become better passers, which will surely lead to becoming a better basketball player. It is vital that students of the game understand the basic skills of correctly passing a basketabll. These skills are, "Triple Threat", chest pass, bounce pass, and overhead pass. Remember these skills are the basics that will lead to more complex passing and ultimately creating great team continuity.

Triple Threat!Chest PassBounce PassOverhead Pass


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