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Passe Compose

Verbes with être

That's easy ! For -er verbs (1st group) drop the -er and place -éex: parler - parléFor -ir verbs (2nd group) drop the -ir and place -iex: finir -iFor -re verbs (3rd group) drop the -reand place -uex: attendre - attendu

Subject + Auxiliary + Past ParticipleFor most verbs the auxiliary is the verb avoir

1. How is it formed ?

The PasséComposéToolkit

2. Past Participle ?

6. Reflexive verbs (also known as Pronominal Verbs) are also conjugated with etre and need past participle agreement.

Avoir J'ai Tu as Il aElle aOn a Nous avons Vous avez Ils ont Elles ont

4. There are 17 verbs that are conjugatedwith Être and need past participle agreement. They are known as Dr & Mrs Vandertramp

êtreJe suis Tu esIl estElle estOn estNous sommes Vous êtesIls sontElles sont Ils ont Elles ont


Dr & Mrs Vandertramp

3. There are also irregulars!

Past Pariciple Agreement

No Past Pariciple Agreement!

Past Pariciple Agreement


5. Dr & Mrs Vantertramp are 17 verbs of movement + be borned + die


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