Pashtun and Hazaras

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Pashtun and Hazaras

The Pashtun people considered the wealthier, more powerful group that assisted in the founding of Afghanistan. (40% of population)They are found dominatly in the southeast part of the region because they are not persued by the Taliban.Pashtun people are dominatly of the Sunni religion. Women wear black clothes covering their entire body and men wear turbans.The Pashtun people have been in conflict with the Hazara people since the county was founded. The Pashtun have been the leading group until the 1980s when their power staggered.


The Hazara people have been the poorer class in Afghanistan since the country was found due to the lack of education that they are allowed.Due to their persicution by the Taliban, the Hazara people live in the mountains to stay away from threats.The Hazara women wear bright colors covering their bodies and men wear turbans.Hazaras follow the Shia religion and speak "Farsi"


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Pastuns& Hazaras


The Hazara and the Pashtun are two ethnic groups in Afghanistan that founded the country and are in conlict


Pashtun girl

Hazara boy

So what is thesame?

-Both live in Afghanistan-Women of both cultures cover their entire bodies with clothing-Men of both cultures wear turbans-Both cultures helped found Afghanistan

So what is thedifferent?

-Both are of different social classes-One group is accepted and the other is persicuted by the Taliban-Locaterd in different parts of the country


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