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Computer Science

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Parts of Computer


The system unit is also called the case or the tower. It is what contains many of the parts of a computer.

System Unit


The motherboard is a metal board that holds many of the key parts of the system. Some of the key parts are the Cpu, Ram sticks,Periphal cards and the connectors of the parts.


The cpu or the Central processing unit is the brain of your computer. The cpu is a small chip that processes data whenever an action is performed.


Ram or Random access memory is temporary memory used by programs to speed up the process of being accesed later on. When the computer is turned off, the ram's data is deleted. Also, the more ram you have, the more you can multi-task. Ram is commonly found in 2gbs, 4gbs and 8gbs.

Peripheral cards

Peripheral cards are devices that improve your experience on your computer. Some peripheral cards are Sound Cards, Video Cards and Network Cards. These cards can be added to your computer by putting them in a PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) slot on your motherboard.


The monitor is a screen that displays your system. There are two types of monitors, LCD and CRT. LCD or Liquid crystal display monitors are thin modern screens and CRT or Cathode Ray Tube displays are thick retro displays. However, CRT display monitors are not sold anymore.


The keyboard is a panel of keys with letters, numbers and symbols used to imput data to your computer. There are two kinds of keyboards, mechanical and membrane. Mechanical keyboards are keyboards with physical switches that sends signals to the computer if the key or keys have been pressed or not and membrane keyboards are keyboards with rubber domes and membranes that create electric circuits that sends signals to the computer whether or not the key or keys have been pressed or not.


The mouse is a small device that controls the cursor on the screeen. It is called a mouse because of its shape. Mice commonly have 3 buttons. The left click, the right click and the scroll wheel. These are your basic buttons on a mouse however some mice have move than 3 buttons.


The speakers are devices that you plug into your audio ports of your computer to broadcast audio. Speakers can range from under one hundred to a thousand dollars.


The Printer is a device that uses ink and paper to display a physical representation of a file document or picture. Some printers can also photocopy, scan and fax.

The power supply is the battery of the computer. The power supply supplies to all the components by collecting electricity and converting AC currents to DC currents.

Power Supply

Cd Rom

Floppy Disk drive: A floppy disk drive is a device that is used to read and write floppy disks, disks that were used for storage.

The cd rom is a device that is used to read cds. Cd roms are also called a dvd drives and optical drives.

Hard Drive

A hard drive is a device that stores all your data and filles.

Floppy Disk Drive

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