Parts of a Computer

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Computer Science

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Parts of a Computer

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The System Unit contains the CPU (The brain), the mother board (the main circuit board), the power supply unit ( including cooling fans), the random acess memory also known as the RAM, the hard drive, the expansion cards (sound card,video card, network card,and the bluetooth card)

The main parts of the computer are The system unit, and the monitor. It usually insludes pheriphearals such as a keyboard, mouse, webcam, speaker, and printers.

Main parts of the computer

Parts of a computer

System Unit


A periphearal is an object or unit which operates seperaty from the CPU. Some of the peripherals included in a computer are a mouse, a keyboard, a printer, a webcam, and speaker. Most computers include most peripherals when bought (keyboard and mouse). The mouse and the keyboard are the most important peripherals due to the fact that these peripherals helps on a daily functional basis.



A computer monitor is an interactive electronic visual display . This device allows the user to view program operations. With a mouse, the user can control program operations.

Quick tipThe CPU is bacically the brain of the computer. It handeles all instructions given