Part B - digital resource for 'The Marble Run'.

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Part B - digital resource for 'The Marble Run'.

Marble Run




Our Equipment


What do we do?


Things to think about

1. Only using masking tape, cardboard folders and a pair of scissors, you will have to design a marble run starting 1m off the ground2. Use the technology practice cycle as a guide to help design a marble run.3. Once you have designed yourmarble run, you will have to timea marble going down the trackuntil it stops moving or reaches the bottom of the track. Time this 3 times then calculate anaverage time.

Gravity - the force that attracts a body to the centre of the earth or other celestial body (Oxford, 2004).2D (2 dimensional) - A picture or material that has no depth3D (3 dimensional) - A picture or material that has a depth.Acceleration - When the speed of a material or living thing gets faster.

Use the cardboard and masking tape provided to design and create a marble run. The aim of the marble run is to make sure that the marble keeps rolling for the longest time. The time stops when the marble stops rolling or the marble reaches the bottom of its 1 meter limited height.

Definitions that may help

Things to think about

Which out of a 2D or 3D design would be most appropriate for this challenge?Will gravity have a big role to play in this experiment?Would different angles have an impact on the time result?What kind of structure will be best for getting the marble down the track in the slowest way?Could we possible put in some creative features for the marble to go through?Could a marble track be like a roller-coaster?

How can gravity help contruct your marble run?

Select and use materials, components, tools and equipment using safe work practices to make designed solutions (ACTDEP016) - (ACARA, 2013)

The Technology Practice cycle


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