Parkland Planetarium

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Parkland Planetarium

Lectures & ActivitiesParkland Planetarium offers a lot of programs for students and teachers! There are science lectures held daily such as: The World of Science Lecture, the Travelling Spacesuit Show, & more!

Parkland Planetarium

Field Trip InformationTeachers can come observe different lessons/activities or bring their students too. They provide a variety of activities for learners of all ages: Sun, Moon & Stars, Shapes in the Sky, Amazing Stargazing, & more. They also have information sheets, including a constellation guide! You can find more specific information on their website below.

For StudentsStudents who have visited can write letters to the planetarium staff and it will be posted for everyone to see!There are also informational items that can be bought such as star guides, astronaut food, and much more.



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