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Parkinson's disease is a disorder of the brain that leads to tremors, impariment of walking, and general motor skills. All though there has been much research on the disease it's still not known how it occurs but it's belevived to be genetically transmited; affecting the dopamine levles in the brain. About 1 million americans have it with another 60,000 being diagnosed every year. Around 90% of people who were diagnosed were over the age of 50.

• Tremors in the limbs• Rigidity in the trunk and limbs • Bradykinesia, causing delays of voluntary movements• Postural instability, causing loss of balence and reflexes• Parkinsonian gait, causing a shuffled walk with a bent over apperenceThere are aslo multiple secondary symptoms:• Anxeity, depression, and dementia causing loss of interest and withdrawl from family and friends • Constipation, causing reduced or sporattic bowl movements. Sporattic uniary needs also possible • Slowed speech, possibly causing slured speech or a monotone voice• Difficulty swallowing, making everyday life more complicated Spinal Regions Affected:Due to the fact that parksion's is such as wide sprwead disease in the body, affecting the head, hands, feet, and trunk of the body, all the spinal regions are afected; from the cervical region to the CCOCCYX.

Symptoms & Spinal Region


Symptomatic and neuroprotective therapy are common in the managment of parkinson's. A combination of levodopa and carbidopa have shown much success in improving motor functions. Deep brain stimalation of the ventral lateral nucleus has also proven to be very successfull, improving motor and cognative functions. Pacitents doing physical therapy have felt an increse in balance, flexibility, aerobic capacity, and self-reliance. Stretches help alot in physical therapy as shown in the video above. No medications or surgerys have the effectiveness that speech therpy has. 50% - 90% of patients have speech impedements so this type of therpay is very helpfull because they allow patients to preform vocal exercises.

A prognosis in parkinson's if diffucult due to the fact that it affects so many people differently. It is however a cronic and progessive desiese, worsening over time.While it is not a life threatening disease, its symptoms can cause severe injury or even death. Due to tha fact that falling is common in people with parkinson's, broken bones, and bruses may occur, espically in the more elderly patients. Chokeing is another real danger because of the reduced functionality of the digestive system.

While there is no one difinative test for parkinsons, docors may use a varity of nuerologicial exams. A doctor may check your face for an animated apperance, your arms more tremors, your neck and limbs for stiffness, and your gait for abnormalaties. The use of family medical history is also usefull in comming to a conclusion.



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