Parkinson´s Disease

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Parkinson´s Disease

Parkinson's disease is not transmitted. It can be devolped with age or from genetics. A special case, boxer Muhammad Ali got Parkinson's from getting punched in the head several times.

Many medications are availble to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. The choice of medication may vary for each person's symptoms. Some examples of medication are:-Sinemet-Parcopa-Stalevo-Rytary

Parkinson's Disease


How it's transmitted

Parkinson's disease is a progressive disease within nervous system.

Parkinson's Disease is caused by a mix of genetics and enviromental factors. Someone who has Parkinson's Disease in their genes is more likely to acquire it. Enviromental factors like exposure to chemicals like mercury, carbon disulfide, and PCB's ( found in cleaning products) can also cause Parkinson's Disease.


Everyone knows the ABC'S, now let us teach you about Parkinson's Disease!



Each person with Parkinson's disease will experience symptoms differently. Many people will experience primary motive symptoms such as tremor- trembling/shaking in the hands, legs, or jaw. More symptoms include balance problems, Bradykinesia- slowness of movement, and Rigidity- when your muscles feel stiff.


Even though Muhammad Ali had Parkinson's disease, that didn't stop him from being one of the greatest boxers in history.

Both men and women are at risk for Parkinson's but 50% more men then women. The average age at risk is 60 years or older. Depending on genes, some people could be at risk at 50 years old younger. Enviromental factors may play a role in the disease. Parkinson's is more common in developed countries.

Parkinson's Diseae can not be prevented. Though it can be treated aggresively once identified. Some studies have shown that drinking tea, soda,coffee or green tea can prevent Parkinson's Disease.

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Hot spots

Another option for treatment is deep brain surgery (DBS). DBS is not a cure and it doesn't slow down disease progression but it does have a positive effect on tremor, stiffness, and slowness. In otherwords it can relieve some symptoms. Also, it's very important to matain a balanced healthy diet.


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