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Fast Fact - Paris is the capitol city of France, it's the most visited city in the world.


This is the main site!

This is the Coat of Arms!

This is what the local food looks like.

The French main dishes contain: fresh vegetables, meat and cheeses. French cuisine is well known for its freshness and high quality dishes. The French people enjoy their main meal in the evening and this meal often consists of three courses starting with a 'hors d’oeuvre', a starter dish which often is soup or a salad and bread, then the main course and afterwards some cheese or fruit.

This is the local map!

The coat of arms of the city of Paris, in its current form, dates back to 1111, when King Charles I officially installed it. On the coat of arms, the represented vessel is the symbol of the powerful corporate body of the Marchands de l'eau, dating back to the Middle Ages.

- Paris geography is oval shaped approximately 9 miles east to west and 6 miles north to south, giving the City an area of 33.5 square miles, 86.7 square kilometers.

The names of 128 battles of the first French Republic and Napoleon's Empire are written on the white walls under the vault together with the names of the generals who took part in them.The construction of Arc de Triomphe was completed in 1836, long after Napoleon's death in 1821.



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