Paris Trip

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Paris Trip

Where to stayMercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel$1,290 for 6 nights

Paris, France

Cost of a round trip from Charleston to ParisA winter trip will cost $1,500A summer trip will cost $3,200

What is there to do?Tour the Eiffel Tower - $11.56Verdon Gorge - freePlace des Abbesses - freeLouvre-$8 Champs-Élysées - free


A sandwich for lunch costs 4-5€ Crepes are avaliable on the streets. A soda woll cost around 5€The average lunch costs $13.60

The average cost for breakfast (coffee and a croissant) about 4€ or $5.44

for dessert, try a macaron from laudree for $2.71

Dinner will cost about 18 euros, or $25 per person

Total Costit will cost $3073.80 to travel to Paris in the winter


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