Paris Scrapbook: Destinations

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Paris Scrapbook: Destinations

My first destination was La Tour Effiel, it is one of the most well known monuments of Paris. C’est 11.90-15 euros la visite. 7th Arrondissement

My next location was Vedettes du Pont Neuf, You can take an afternoon boat tour of Paris’ famous river, The Seine. C’est 10 euros la visite. 1st Arrondissement

I then visited Rue des Rosiers in the Traditional Jewish Quarter which was targeted my Nazis during WWII C’est 0 euros la visite.Arrondissement: 4th

My 2nd stop was Museum National d’Hisoire Naturelle, you can see lots of naturalized animals here. C’est 7-9 euros la visite. 5th Arrondissement

I also visited Le Louvre, a former historic palace housing a huge art collection, from Roman sculptures to Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. C’est 0 euros la visite. 1st Arrondissement.

My next stop was Montmartre which has appeared in many french films and many artists have gathered there.C’est 20-60 euros la visite. (included in tours). 18th Arrondissement

Another place I went was La Place de la Bastille, where the Bastille prison stood until the 'Storming of the Bastille' C’est 0 euros la visite.Arrondissement: 11

One of my last stops was Rue Mouffetard Market. You can buy local french goods here. C’est 0 euros la visite. 5th Arrondissement.

My final destination was Les Catacombes which holds the remains of about six million people.C’est 10-15 euros la visite. 14th Arrondissement


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