Paricutin Mexico Volcano

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Paricutin Mexico Volcano

Strombolian eurption, from its birth to its eruption between 1943 and 1952,it's located about 200 miles West of Mexico City.

Paricutin Mexico

Paricutin is a Monogenetic Volcano, meaning that once it has finished erupting, it will never erupt again

Paricutin erupting at night, 1948

Many animals died following the Paricutin eruption, unable to graze on their once green fields, and falling prey to the toxic gases and the fast moving Pyroclastic flows, the long term effects of volcanic activity on livestock and wildlife are minimal .

The worst of Paricutin's volcanic activity, took place in 1943, with its lava rising to about 50 feet below the crater's rim and killing more than 1000 inhabitants .



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