Parent, Student and Participation

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Parent, Student and Participation

Making a meaningful life

-Center of the planning process-participate/lead IEP meetings-Develop own vision statement-identify career options that match interests/skills-Take relevant school courses-Work experience in high school (ie summer jobs, internships, volunteering)-Networking

-Age 14-16-Lead IEP Meetings-Work Experience

Start Early!

Parent & Student Participation


-Share information about their child's strengths, needs, interests, and dreams-Promote self-advocacy skills-Opportunities to develop adults skills (ie hoursehold chores, hygiene, making choices, transportation)


PROGRAMS-"Planning A Life" Transition Workshop: helps educate parents about available transition resources-Youth Leadership Forum: HS jr/sr, stay on a college campus and develop self-determination and advocacy skills

-Vision drives transition planning process-Transition Planning Form: reflects the student's strengths, preferences, interests, fuiture plans, and long-term goals-3 outcome areas: Education/training, Emplyoment, and Independent Living-Person Centered Planning-Everyone works together to develop an Action Plan to help move the studnets towards their goal.

Transition Planning in Action!

Vision for the Future


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