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Social Studies

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Basic Facts

- Size of California.- Population is 6,703,860.

- Capital City is Asunción which is also the largest city.


- Located in Central South America .

- Main sports played in Paraguay are Soccer, Rugby, Volleyball, and Basketball.

- Popular dances in Paraguay are the polka, the Santa Fé, and the La Galopa.

- Lots of food in Paraguay in influenced by the food in Spain. its traditional food is planted in its own country's soil. Corn is also very popular.

- The two official languages of Paraguay are Spanish as well as Guarani, the indigenous language of Paraguay that is spoken by about 90 percent of the population.

- Paraguayans have different way of dress than us in the USA. Adults, they do not wear short. Men simply does not wear sandals. Woman are usually wear dresses or skirts.

- Music is one of the single most identifiable expressions of Paraguay. The Polka, which adopted the name from a European beat, is the most typical type of music.

- Folk art in Paraguay is an expression of the cultural mixture of the Spanish and Guaraní. They use kilns for ceramics and the loom for weaving.

- The main character in the creation myths of the Guaraní people is Tupa, the god of all creation. Tupa had the help of the moon goddess, Arasy, so that he could come to here, where he first descended in Paraguay on a hill in the region of Aregua. From this location Tupa created the heavens, earth, and animals. After this Tupa went on to create the first humans, who were the Guarani.

Other Facts

- It is the second poorest country in South America.

- Paraguay is home to the Capybara/Carpincho, the worlds largest roden.

- Paraguay’s flag is the only national flag in the world to have different emblems on the front and back.

- The country’s motto is “Paz y Justicia” which stands for “Peace and Justice”.


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