Paranoid Personality Disorder

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Paranoid Personality Disorder

Rorschach(Walter Kovac) with Paranoid Personality Disorder

Rorschach displays all of these symptoms, except for a jealous of personality. This may be because he was never close enough to anyone to consider them worth getting jealous about.

Progression*When he encounters two older boys in the street, they harrass his by calling him a "whoreson" and tell him that he should drop his pants so they could check for disease. Rorschach responds by putting out a cigarrette in one boy's eye and beating the other.*Rorschach learns that his mother was killed by being forced to ingest a full bottle of drain-o by her pimp.*Early on in his crime-fighting career, Rorschach discovered a criminal while trying to find a kidnapped little girl. After discovering that the criminal had chopped the little girl up and fed her to his German Shepards, Rorschach chained the man to a pipe in the house and set the house on fire, after killing the dogs.

Occurs in 0.5%-2.5% of the population, occuring more often in males. Also occurs more often in families with psychotic disorders (schizophrenia, personality disorders). Suggests at least partial genetic cause.

Symptoms of P.P.D.*Deeply distrustfull and suspicioius of others.*Feels like they are being decieved by others.*Belief that friends and family are untrustworthy.*Bouts of intense anger at percieved deceptions.*Personality often described as cold, secretive, jealous, and serious.*Looks for hidden meanings in almost everything, even when there most likely is not any.

CauseWhen Rorschach was around 10 years old he walked in on his mother, a prostitute, servicing a john, and he believed it was abuse. In response, the john left his mother only $5. She beat Walter and remarked that she should have gotten the abortion after all.

Treatment1)Psycosocial Therapy: Because of Rorschach's rough childhood up until he was 12, Kovac did not complete or delayed the completion of the psychosocial stages (developed by Erik Erikson) Hope, Will, Purpose, and Competency. He would talk through his paranoia and fears with a therapist to understand their causes and how to live with them.

2)Psycoanalysis: Rorschach clearly has an oral fixation, shown by his constant chewing on sugar cubes when stressed. This could be because he was weaned to early or too late during the oral stage. His use of sublimation as an defense mechanism could be because of his lingering anger at his mother for her abuse, and at the world in general for letting it happen.



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