Paranoid Personality Disorder

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Paranoid Personality Disorder

Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD)Alexander RezacPeriod 3

Paranoid Personality Disorder - A pattern of pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of others

"PPD sufferers believe that other people intend to hurt or take advantage of them, even if there is no evidence that this is true" (Veague 15)

Video on Paranoid Personality Disorder made by Stevietrixta who also has this disorder

PPD is categorized under Cluster A for being an odd or essentric personality disorder

An estemated .5% to 2% of people have a personality disorder

Studying someone with PPD is generally hard with there inability to open up to others due to their mistrust in others

Symptoms (PPD)Thoughts on suisideInability to have relatinshipstrouble with keeping a jobfrequent trouble with lawuncontrollable angerContinual Feelings of inadequecyTendency to avoid scocial interationsInability to feel empathy for othersExcessive craving for attentionFear of persecutionInability to trust others(Bayer 15)

Unlike a physical disease that can be diagnosed through blood work or X-rays, diagnosis of a mental disorder relies heavily on subjective data derived from interviews and questionnaires (Bjornlund 24)

PPD is caused by a chemical imbalence in the brain

Many psycological scientists believe that this is due to internal feelings and poor parenting models however there is recent evidence that it can also be caused by some kind of genetic connection

"It is extremely difficult to diagnose personality disorders accurately in teens, as impulsivity and moodiness are part of 'normal' adolescence" (Bjornlund 25)

It is possible in patents with PPD to get violent in extream stress conditions but episodes usually only last a few hours


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