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A Paramedic is also known as an EMT or Emergency Medical Technician. Paramedics are the first to respond when incidents such as Car crashes, heart attacks, or any other accident occurs where there might be injury. It is a Paramedic's job to give basic treatment to injured people. A paramedic must be prepared to treat large amounts of people at a time if an emergency were to occur. Treating wounds such as cuts, scrapes, broken bones, as well as reviving patients who have stopped or are having trouble breathing. A paramedic is also responsible for the transportation of a patient to the hospital where the patient can recieve additional treatment.

What is a paramedic


Obviously a paramedic must have High school diploma in order to start training. Paramedic training is offered by many medical schools and colleges as well as public classes. Training is seperated into three levels:-EMT Basic: on this level you will mainly learn emergency skills such as dealing with bleeding, bone fractures, choking, and even child birth. A defensive driving course on how to drive an ambulance must be taken as well. Usually after completing around 300 hours of training you are a qualified paramedic.-EMT Intermediate: At this level you will learn how to use more complicted airway devices as well as different medicines.Paramedic: Is the final level of training where you will learn advanced medical skills as well as physioligy and anatomy.

Whats the Pay

Wages of Paramedics usually differ depending on the amount of training they have had. A Paramedic can make all the way from about ten dollars an hour to 30 dollars an hour based on the amount of experience they have. A Paramedic is usually required to work about 40 hours a week, but emergencies happen all the time so hours of work are bound to change. Overall, the average Paramedic makes around $38,128 a year.

Why should I

A Paramedic is a job for those of you who love adventure. It is usually a high stress job that can put you in life or death situations. Regardless of this, most who work as a paramedic say that the job is incredibly exciting and challenging, but there is nothing more rewarding than saving a human life.


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