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this picture shows the paramecium trying to obtain food

Summary The paramecuim is a single celled organisum that lives in pond and pools to stay alive. Since they live in water, they have two vacuole pods to maintain homostasis. In the video, i showed how they move around to obtain their food. They belong to the kingdom of protista. To get nutrion they capture food with theie cillia and then break it down in the vacuoles.

this is the cycle the paramecium goes through to form new cells

cell cycle

colored paramicum

this is a closer more intertaining structure of a paramecium

real photo

labeled structure


By: John English


The paramecium was takin out of a warm pond enviorment and put under a microscope. The paramecium is moving around using its hair like material with other ones like it

these are the labled parts of paramecium

The paramecium obtianed food by using its cillia and then placing the alge into his mouth. Once the food goes down the gullet, it is then broken down in the vacuoles.

This paramecium was placed in a contaminated water soure. And show how it adapt to the bacteria



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