Parallel Curriculum Model

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Parallel Curriculum Model

Parallel CurriculumThe Parallel Curriculum Model is designed to do the following: !• Provide four lenses for looking at curriculum that helpstudents develop a sense of themselves as well as of thedisciplines and how they help explain the structure and workingof our world and the people who inhabit it. !• Guide all students toward every higher levels of expertise,allowing them to grapple with complex and ambiguous issuesand problems and providing opportunities for original, creative,and practical work in the discipline. !• Be compelling and satisfying enough to encourage students topersist despite frustration and understand the importance ofeffort and collaboration. !

Using PCM

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So, how does PCM provide qualitatively differentiated curriculum?Opportunities to learn the core knowledge (enduring facts, concepts, principles, and skills) within a disciplineOpportunities to transfer and apply knowledge and/or use the tools and methods of the scholar, researcher, and practitionerOpportunities to learn about the numerous relationships and connections that exist across topics, disciplines, events, time, and culturesOpportunities for students to address or develop intrapersonal qualities and develop their affinities within and across disciplines

Focus on key elements of curriculum planning, enablingteachers to work effectively with standards and textbooks whileengaging the full range of learners in mastering keyinformation, ideas, and the fundamental skills of the disciplines.!Help students uncover, recognize, and apply the significant andessential concepts and principles in each subject area thatexplain the structure and workings of the discipline, humanbehavior, and our physical world.!

"The Parallel Curriculum Model helps teachers not only strengthen their knowledge and pedagogy, but also rediscover a passion for their discipline based on their deeper, more connected understanding. Our students think critically and deeply at a level I have never before witnessed."—Tony Poole, PrincipalSky Vista Middle School, Aurora, CO

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