Parallel Circuit & Series Circuit

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Parallel Circuit & Series Circuit

Some times the circuits have a switch. The switch is used to cut on the circuit. The voltage is an electric potential energy per unit. The conductor and insultors are different.A conductor is a material that allows eletrical charge that moves through it as electric current. An insultor is a material or object that can not easily allow heat, eletricity, light, or sound.

Series CircuitA series circuit is a circuit that has only one path and resistors that are arranged in a chain. An example of a series circuit is Christmas tree lights. In a series circuit, all the the resistors are on the same line. If one of the light bulbs goes out then all the light bulbs will go out because they are all on the same line. Sometimes series circuits are open circuits and not closed circuits.

Open circuit- an open circuit is an electrical circuit that is not complete.Closed circuit- a closed circuit is an eclectric circuit that is complete.Current- is a flow of electrical charge.

Parallel Circuit 'Series Circuit

By: Aiiryel McCoy ' Alani Maiden

Parallel CircuitA parallel circuit is one that has two or more paths for the electricity to flow, the loads are parallel to each other. If the loads in this circuit were light bulbs and one blew out, there is still current flowing to the others because they are still in a direct path from the negative to positive terminals of the battery.



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