Parainfluenza Virus

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Parainfluenza Virus


Nucleocapsid Doubled Layered Membranespikes-lipoproteins and glycoproteins -non glycosylated protein

Human Parainfluenza

Alex Hean 12/11

Symptoms•noisy, harsh breathing•hoarse voice or cry•fever•irritability•decreased appetite•vomiting

Preventions-Hand washing-Wearing isolated materials like masks, and gloves

Treatment-plenty of fluids-keep in cool, night air

Transmission-Direct Contact with Infected- Contact with infected materials

OutbreakHong Kong2004 -3 Week PeriodDevelopmental Disabilities Building38 kids, 3 adultsUpper and Lower Respiratory Track Infection- 1 Complication

Discovery-three different viruses recovered from children with lower respiratory disease by researchers in Japan

Complications-Pneumonia -Bronchitis -Bronchiolitis respiratory tract infection -common cold

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