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Republicof Paraguay

Bori Bori Soup

Paraguay Food

All the foods in Paraguay are almost the same as Uruguay and the Falkland Islands. In a lot of the cuisines, there are meat, vegetable, and fruit. Two important ingredients for food in Paraguay are corn and cassava. Cassava, also known as Yuca, is used to make breads and cakes named chipa. Corn is another important ingredient in Paraguayan food, used to make dishes like Paraguayan soup. Bori bori is one of the famous soups of Paraguay, most of the time made with chicken and cornmeal dumplings. In Paraguay, cottage cheese, cornmeal, milk, butter, eggs and corn kernels are some of the best dishes.

In May of 1811, Paraguay declared independence against Spanish Authorities. They practiced polytheistic religion, which later blended with Christianity. Francisco Solano Lopez waged a war against Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil also known as the War of the Triple Alliance from 1864-1870 in which Paraguay lost half its population, then Brazilian troops maintained the country until 1874. All of the Paraguay presidents were part of the Colorado Party from 1880 until 1904. In the 1930s and 1940s, Paraguayan politics were named bad leaders by the Chaco war against Bolivia, a civil war.


Paraguay Capital

National Anthem


Soccer is the most popular game in Paraguay while the other games played include basketball, volleyball, and golf. Soccer was first introduced in Paraguay by a Dutchman, William Paats. Paraguay has Participated in eight World Cups, Won two Copa America tournaments, and won a silver medal at the Olympic Games in 2004. Paraguay has over 1600 teams that participate in soccer leagues like the Olympics, regionals, etc. The other sports in Paraguay aren’t really good such as volleyball.

Paraguay Flag

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