Parachutes And Projectiles

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Parachutes And Projectiles

Projectile- An object propelled through the airTwo components matter when dealing with projectiles:Horizontal x=vt'Vertical y=1/2 gt^2

Fast Facts The modern parachute was invented in the late 18th century by Louis-Sébastien Lenormand in France, who made the first recorded public jump in 1783.

Parachutes and ProjectilesJesse Glunt Trey Lake

PrototypeCircle ParachuteArea= 9,160.88 cm^2Avg. Vel.= 2.729 m/sAvg. Acc.= 2.085 m/s/s

Terminal VelocityCircle- 2.146m/sRectangle- 2.946m/s

Rectangle ParachuteArea- 9,153 cm^2Avg Vel.- 2.946 m/sAvg. Acc.- 1.813 m/s/s

Quality Parachute DesignsRound parachutes are purely a drag device. They provide no lift. Used in military, emergency and cargo applications.Cruciform (square) parachutes decreases swaying back and forth.

6 Subsystems~Structure- Trashbag, strings, and hook~Suspension- Air~Control- Releasing/Opening the parachute~Guidance- Wind ~Propulsion- Gravity and weights~Support- Wind drafts

If a plane dropped supplies out of an airplane going 113 m/s. It would take 75.6 seconds to drop, and the supplies would land 8,550.36 meters from where they were dropped.


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